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36 episodes of Hamstrings and Heartstrings: Running Talk with Chris and Ellie since the first episode, which aired on December 14th, 2019.

  • 035: Connect to Nature, Whatever

    May 1st, 2021  |  Season 2  |  36 mins 25 secs

    Podcast! In a stunning development, Ellie now owns clothes! And Chris has allergies! Also, we keep it simple this week folks, just chatting about long run weekends and life defining moments. Also, the food segment features Carrot Dog sand Asparagus.

  • 034: A Restraining Order’s Distance Away

    April 18th, 2021  |  Season 2  |  54 mins 5 secs

    Hi! Hope you are doing well. We recorded a podcast. :-)
    In it, we talk about why we haven’t recorded one recently, what we’ve been up to, what our new plans and things and life have us into (hint, injuries, and school, and shoes, and special projects) and then of course, we talk about food! Thank you for listening.

  • 033: Buffering... Processing

    December 16th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  26 mins 57 secs

    It has been some kind of week hasn’t it? Has it been a week already?! Ugh... Oh... No... Has it only been a week? Whatever it’s been, it’s been one of those. That’s what it’s been. TL;DR Bailing on runs like it’s our job.

  • 032: The Season of My Life

    December 4th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  37 mins 14 secs

    Chris has some old man niggles because he isn't being well-rounded. Ellie didn't quite hit her splits. What even is Burnout? And a most unconventional food segment... Savory and hydrating!

  • 031: Work, Work

    November 26th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  39 mins 21 secs

    We’re thankful for you, dear listener. And in this episode, Ellie Pell fell. Ellie also ran a race. Chris is wandering in the woods for longer and longer these days. There are feelings about races. Plus Tofurkey, Celebration Roasts, Cranberry Sauce, Leftover sandwiches and Oatmeal.

  • 030: Fine. Good. Normal.

    November 25th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  31 mins 1 sec

    Ellie has a two workout week while Chris goes to the AT. Why aren’t we doing yoga and what are we gonna do about it? (Hint: Group Peer Pressure) A December strength challenge is discussed! The Food Segment features Cheese Sauce for your throat and Lentils for your Aid Station.

  • 029: The Distance is Not It

    November 18th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  34 mins 19 secs

    It’s balmy as heck outside. Ellie is working hard and runnin’ real fast and Chris ran the Muddy Sneaker course (12.5 miles, lots of feets up and down!) One of us turned 29... and didn’t even have the decency to share the occasion with the other! Are you Race Fit? What is Race Fit? You wanna race? Depends on who’s asking. Thought so. :-)
    Also, how hard is it to make a few cups of rice?! For real. And avocados are sauce now.

  • 028: All Legs And Then... Face

    October 31st, 2020  |  Season 1  |  31 mins 2 secs

    It is the spookiest time of the year... so what better time for scary running stories? Chris and Ellie risk life and limb... and their restful slumber to share some of their scarier moments running. (And rest assured, these aren't like the real-life where people are threatened while running... that stuff is no joke! ❤️) And in the food segment, we make good on our promise to do a bit better with our preparations.

  • 027: Write Everything Down

    October 28th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  46 mins 26 secs

    We’re talking Time Management! How do you fit it all in? Where does the time go? My how time flies. And other things like that. Plus in our food segment, we promise to redouble our efforts and get real again. (Well, Chris does... Ellie remains real)

  • 026: The Scone Spectrum

    October 21st, 2020  |  Season 1  |  40 mins 4 secs

    Ellie has a bee in her bonnet. She altered a workout and her scones aren't the greatest. And she's fine with it. This week, we talk about being mediocre. Or being okay with being mediocre. Or giving ourselves some space while figuring out what mediocre is. Regardless, we're pretty okay with okay, but also with okay with better.

  • 025: One Minute Twenty Seconds Up, Hard

    October 13th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  40 mins 48 secs

    In this episode, with the help of Hobbits, Chris and Ellie have a major break-through in understanding their training philosophies. Plus, It’s the London Marathon and Ellie has thoughts. Chris is just along for the ride. The food segment features an update on Ellie’s scone journey.

  • 024: The Delicious Greek Pastry

    October 5th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  48 mins 35 secs

    Chris helped crew Daven Oskvig on his Northville-Placid Trail FKT and Ellie has more running friends! It’s getting darker earlier, the leaves are falling and the weather is changing so we figure it may be a good time for a brief winter gear chat. Oh yeah, plus Apples and Scones! (Not together... but hey, that’s not a bad idea. Ellie will need to workshop it.) 🍎

  • 023: 🎵These Are My Confessions 🎵

    September 28th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  34 mins 27 secs

    Running is really great (and life is busy). We're gettin' at it good! Ellie solicited running confessions from listeners and she is gonna read those confessions... but also, we share some of our own. Unfortunately. I'm sorry.
    Food segment was alright though. If you're into that sort of thing.

  • 022: 40 Minutes

    September 13th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  37 mins 10 secs

    Chris is “Training”, Ellie is hopping fences. Just how long does it take to loosen and strengthen hips? Plus, in comfort food corner, we’re both eating pasta.

  • 021: This Is Your Captain Speaking

    August 28th, 2020  |  Season 1  |  39 mins 9 secs

    Now with 80% more running talk! Chris’s pup is running upto 4 miles now. No water yet, but we’re working on it. Ellie is loving the short run lifestyle. Also, airline announcement free-styling. And what distance would you be great at if you could be great at just one? Food time is running fast, cooking fast and eating slow.

  • 020: Core is a Muscle

    August 23rd, 2020  |  Season 1  |  34 mins 18 secs

    Okay... not quite sure what to make of this one. There is a some squatty potty talk... in great detail. Ellie mindbendingly describes core exercise. Chris got descriptively stung by a bee. We talk about putting vegetables in otherwise perfectly fine food.